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I saw a comment on Hacker News which I believe to be so true:

When you write things down, you’re investing in your future.

The more I thought of it, the more it made sense. At least for me.

While cleaning out my tech-shelf, I hooked up one of my old hard-drives, and rediscovered documents, pictures, notes, even old games - all saved about 18 years ago. Yup, 18 years ago… It may not seem like much, however I was glad to find pictures I forgot about or thought were lost.

NoterBox Deck Definition

Most of the documents were outdated, but: it felt like looking back in time at myself through a mirror. That’s who I was at that time, and that’s what was important to me back then.

There was stuff that right now I would find rather silly, and some that I can actually use today.

That’s when I thought: what if we had a “safe” place to capture and store information that matters? That place would become our: go-to for finding information, life-stream, vault, and who knows - maybe legacy.

That’s what NoterBox is.

The “technical” way I would like to define NoterBox is:

A data-capturing and information management application featuring file attachments

Is it a note-taking app? Yes. Is it a file management app? Yes. Is it a journaling app? It is. It can be any of those or all together - it’s how you use it. People seem to have different patterns of usage when it comes to organizing data.

From my prospective, I am building NoterBox as a system that would:

  • Easily capture data from several sources;
  • Store it;
  • Make it available to you via a powerful search engine

I hope I have managed to pique your interest/curiosity enough to subscribe below for a notification when the app will be available. Also here I am pointing out a few of the reasons for which why I am building NoterBox .

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