Data Capturing

Easily save anything that matters to you. Capture via drag-and-drop, email or web clipper.


Attach files to your entries. Clear separation between attachments and content.


Search your data. Use search operators. Slice and dice.


Set alerts and reminders. Any type of data can become a journal-style entry or a reminder.


Cross-application hashtagged searchable links. An alternative way to find content.


Finding data via search is trivial. However, you can mark your entries as favorites for quick access too.

Calendar view

View or add data from a calendar view. For those journal-style entries, and not only.

Import-export functions

Import data from other services. Export anytime. Markdown, HTML, PDF, plain text. That includes attachments too.

User dashboard

Clean & clear user dashboard to manage your NoterBox preferences. Make it work the way you want it to.

Data backup

Backups right from your user dashboard. Saved backups can be applied towards new accounts.

Clear structure

Simple and straight-forward data structure. Organize data via notebooks, notes or hashtags.


Last but not least. Whether at rest or in transit, your data is protected. We'll expand on this in a fully dedicated section.